we need one or two new members-at-large

Job Description

We at NHAD are looking for one or two new members-at-large to fill in for the remainder of the 2013-2015 term.

The duties of a member-at-large are to:
–help the board members plan and run events and activities
–review finance reports prepared by the treasurer
–attend board meetings
–help to conduct fund-raising events
–discuss and approve expenditures

If you are interested in volunteering for this position, you can contact Tommy at NHAD1973 (at) gmail (dot) com or Kristy at smacabraca (at) gmail (dot) com.

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Reminder for the Christmas party! :)

This is a reminder that NHAD will be hosting its annual Christmas party on Friday, Dec 19th, 4 to 9 at the Alpine Club in Manchester.  The address is 175 Putnam Street, Manchester NH  03102.  The parking lot is behind the building.

Here’s the flyer.

Regular admission is $15 and admission for senior citizens is $10 and for children under the age of 12.  Included are drinks (coffee, tea, water) and a main course (meat lasagna, veggie lasagna, and a gluten free chicken stir fry) with salad.  If you can, please bring a dessert or side dish to share :)

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Commentary from the NAD and update on the theater accessibility

NAD and several other organizations filed a comment to the DOJ regarding accessibility on the movie theater screen.


The DOJ also has a website where they list their updates on accessibility regulations.  Many people left comments there while the commenting period was open.


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Flyer for the Christmas Party 2014

The flyer has been developed and uploaded to the website.

The party will be on December 19 from 4 to 9-ish at the Aline Club on 175 Putnam Street in Manchester NH  03102.

There will be a chili contest, and a Secret Santa gift exchange for the children.  If your child/ren is/are participating, please bring a small gift(s).

See you there!

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Heads up! Christmas Party and chili contest!

NHAD will host its annual Christmas party on December 19 from 4Pm to 9PM at the Alpine Club in Manchester, NH.  This time, we will have a chili contest!

More details and flyer will be up soon.  Mark down this day on your calendar!

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Reminder! Reminder! WALQ forum October 27th, 2014

This is a reminder to come and attend the WALQ forum on October 27th from 4 to 6pm at Elliot Hospital in Manchester.


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New information on the Oct 27 WALQ forum

In regards to a post about the WALQ forum below this one, Tommy has uploaded a vlog to a couple of Facebook groups, but here is the transcript below for those who need it or doesn’t have access to Facebook.

“Hello everyone. I hope you are doing well. We are having nice, cool weather with beautiful fall colors on trees everywhere. I love living in New England, especially New Hampshire. You know that in NH, we have been taking on events for WALQ. We provided a community forum two weeks ago. Not many people showed up, but to those who did, thank you.

Now for news: On October 27th from 4 to 6pm, we will have a WALQ forum. Keep in mind that we did invite members of the State Commission on Deaf and Hard of Hearing, legislators, and different state agents, whom we meet with every month. WALQ asked them to come, and they will have a brief Commission meeting in the same room for fifteen to twenty minutes. The rest of the session is for WALQ to discuss our concerns, suggestions, the White Paper we sent to them and their responses, and all this will be summarized. We have a few testimonies from a few deaf people who have made complaints about services being lacking, about issues, etc.

The forum is on October 27th from 4 to 6pm at the Elliot Hospital, at the old facility, not the new one called By the Riverside. The conference room is downstairs, near the cafeteria. The members of the WALQ work group will make comments during the forum. We already have an agenda, and we are working on the final details. When that is done, we will send it out to you so you would know what to expect.

At this forum, it is not the time for a “bitch fest” and make negative complaints. You did make such presentations last year, and that part is done. We want to focus on the last six months. We know a few of you did express yourselves a few weeks ago at the last forum. For the two or three of you that did that, we paraphrased your testimonies and will present that with Power Point. Your names are confidential, only your quotes will be used.

If anyone wants to make a comment, WALQ has time limits for comments, so please contact me [at . Contact me and we can talk about what issues we already covered and will screen your comments to avoid redundancy. If you have new information, we can add that to the list. Email me or leave comments below.

I repeat: October 27th from 4 to 6pm at Elliot Hospital. The address is 1 Elliot Way in Manchester. The conference room is downstairs near the cafeteria.

I have a list here all ready, so I am looking at it and making sure I have all bases covered.

About the Commission, I am on the Commission as a representative of NHAD. Sometimes I alternate between representing WALQ and NHAD—to support WALQ if necessary.

Again, if you want to stand on stage and make comments, email me first. I will ask you questions about your topic, find out what you want to talk about, let you know if we already covered that topic so we can save time, more time for the Legislators, Commissioners, state representatives, state agents, organizations, etc to answer questions shown on Power Point. Interpreters and CART will be provided.

I repeat, if you need more information, contact me or anyone on the WALQ work group—me, Holly, Kristy Stellato, Lori McLaren, Sue Wolf-Downes, and Tom Downes. If you want to present your comments, contact me, not the others, and I will screen your information. I will talk about your topic and try to make it short.

OK? Come. October 27th, 4 to 6, at the Elliot Hospital. Come and join us for updates. We have several good news and we will talk about ongoing issues. It’s worth it for you to come and listen and discuss our concerns.

I repeat: this is not a bitch session where you can throw out negative comments and names. You already did that last year. This forum is more on-the-surface and simple. OK?

Have a good evening and stay warm! I love you!”

Tommy’s email address is TMinch82 (at) gmail (dot)

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WALQ forum October 27, 2014

In collaboration with WALQ, there will be another WALQ forum on October 27, 2014 at the Elliot Hospital in Manchester (conference room, G-Level), 4-6pm.  We will have the NH Commission on Deafness and Hearing Loss with us.  Interpreters and CART will be provided.

The flyer is available.

Additionally, we have a video from the Sept 22 forum:

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2015 membership drive!!

NHAD is conducting its mega membership drive for the year of 2015! :)  Our database is collecting dust and cobwebs, perhaps enough for a really spooky Halloween for those who dare to take a peek at it :P

The rates for 2015 are:

  • individuals, age 18 – 61 = $12
  • individuals, senior citizens (62 and up) = $6
  • couples, age 18 – 61 = $20
  • couples, senior citizens = $10
  • students = $6

The flyer is available.  If you need a paper copy sent to you, send me your address via email at smacabraca(at)gmail(dot)com or send a letter to NHAD, PO Box 6201, Manchester NH,  03108-6201.

The remainder of the year 2014 (October – December) is free to those who purchase the 2015 membership.

Even if you are already a lifetime member or recently purchased a 3-year or 5-year membership (available during 2011-2013 term) or don’t want to join NHAD, we still want you to update your information so we can send you information on events, workshops, etc.

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October event–apple picking

The next event for NHAD is apple picking on October 5th at Appleview Orchard in Pittsfield. Check out the flyer.

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